Culinary studio

The culinary studio is an editorial service of Bauer Media publishing. It is fully equipped with furnished photo studios, kitchens and supply rooms. Food is prepared and photographed here daily in the presence of master culinary arts chefs and professional photographers.

Sale of photos

In the Czech Republic our photos can be purchased only for non-periodic publications (web, flyers, cook-books...) and advertising campaigns. Besides archived culinary photos including recipes and illustration photos, photos can also be ordered based on specifications.

Production for Bauer Media magazines

For our magazines we are preparing culinary photos with tested recipes. Each collection is produced based on orders of specific titles. You can continuously monitor our production on the magazine websites:

Loga časopisů Bydlení Tina TV Plus Rytmus života Pestrý svět Happy day Chvilka v kuchyni Tvůj svět napsáno životem Vaříme Čas na lásku Claudia Štěstí a nesnáze Chvilka pro tebe Žena a život

Samples of our productions

If you are interested and have an appetite, click on the green arrow below and you can at least virtually “taste” any of the delicious looking treats that we have prepared, photographed and published in one of our many magazines.